Anh Ngo is an individual of many avenues, literally.

He is a Designer, Photographer and Artist who lives in New York City.


Hello citizens of the cyber world-wide-world !!

To explain the purpose of this blog is almost attempting to explain the purpose of my life. It’s kinda hard, so I will be brief.

For the earlier part of my 20s, I was so sure of what I want to do in life, until, of course, life hit me in the face. So here I am, trying to figure out what will be MY world and how it will fit in OUR world. For the most part, I have a sense that I am free, but yet entrapped in a small box. This box could just be my body, or the social norm. Whatever that is, I get this feeling of contrast-ness in almost everything I deal with in life.

Now, instead of focusing on the box and its limitation, I decided to focus on the interior of the box. What really makes this box beautiful and interesting? Thus, I write about what inspires me: our cultures, arts, musics, films, our communities, and of course my true love and passion: clothes-making-craftsmanship.

So take this journey with me if you wish.. we’ll never know where it will lead…


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