100 Women and More

Tracy Sagalow, or Red, is a pyrographer. Yes, she burn woods to create artworks. Her subjects are usually still-lifes of the day-to-day New York City where she has lived for many years.


Nap Time – 2015

But for her latest project, Red decided to ink on her wood panels instead. And this time, the subjects of her art are “inspirational women whose careers advanced Politics, Science, Art and Human Rights all over the globe,” as she wrote.


100 Women and More was first created as a way for Red to express her identity as a female artist. However, as she was getting more and more in depth with the project, Red realized that these women’s lives are extraordinary, and more people should know about them. So she is raising funding to publish a book with the collections of 100 artworks about 100 women through out history.

Personally, I think this project is very important given the current historical events that we are witnessing. It’s a way for us to be informed and be in touch with our identities and roots. These influential figures are and will be great role models for many generations to come.

Details on the project can be found here.

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