100 Women and More

Tracy Sagalow, or Red, is a pyrographer. Yes, she burn woods to create artworks. Her subjects are usually still-lifes of the day-to-day New York City where she has lived for many years.


Nap Time – 2015

But for her latest project, Red decided to ink on her wood panels instead. And this time, the subjects of her art are “inspirational women whose careers advanced Politics, Science, Art and Human Rights all over the globe,” as she wrote.


100 Women and More was first created as a way for Red to express her identity as a female artist. However, as she was getting more and more in depth with the project, Red realized that these women’s lives are extraordinary, and more people should know about them. So she is raising funding to publish a book with the collections of 100 artworks about 100 women through out history.

Personally, I think this project is very important given the current historical events that we are witnessing. It’s a way for us to be informed and be in touch with our identities and roots. These influential figures are and will be great role models for many generations to come.

Details on the project can be found here.

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Rachael Aslett: Pin Ups with Kitties

There’s a cat lady in town and she has a preference for Pin Up! 😸 😽 👯

Rachael Aslett is a digital marketer from Perth Australia who has successfully pair photos of cats with classic Pinup Girls.















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Storytelling Shoes: Artist transforms shoes into sculptures that tell a tale

Before you throw out those old shoes, consider the work of Greek born Israeli artist Costa Magarakis, who loves to transform different footwear into sculptures that tell their own stories.

From former skating shoes and high heeled wedges to sporty trainers and big boots – Costa’s imagination runs wild, taking inspiration from Victorian inventions and classical fiction. You can almost imagine them leaping from the pages of a Jules Verne novel.

Alas, you can’t actually don Costa’s creations. They are made of reinforced stone hard resin or high quality fiberglass and aren’t wearable. However, you can purchase a sculpture of your own, as he sells his one-of-a-kind pieces via Etsy. To find out more, visit www.costamagarakis.com.

Via BoredPanda | All images courtesy of Costa Magarakis

Source: Storytelling Shoes: Artist transforms shoes into sculptures that tell a tale

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‘B E A U T Y’ by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Rino Stefano Tagliafierro is a director, art director and video artist. In ‘B E A U T Y’, he has created a captivating story using classic paintings. These works of arts come to life by a 2.5D technique or animated photo effect in which subtle movements are added to the scene. The director has used around 100 famous paintings from landscapes, to portraits as well as more gruesome battle and execution scenes.

Some of the paintings include:

Caravagio’s Salome with the Head of John the Baptist

Vermeer’s Portrait of a Young Girl

Rubens’ Saturn Devouring His Son

John Everett Millais’ Ophelia

Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp


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Hoi An, Vietnam by ‘Mr. Wong’ (@faetheburgh)

Written to Steve Huff at stevehuffphoto.com:

Hi Steve,

Hope you’re well. Thought I’d send you some pics I took in Hoi An, Vietnam last week. It’s been over four years since I sent you some pics of my trip to Hanoi, Vietnam so I thought it would it’s only apt that I do the same again. It’s been an enjoyable four years and whilst I’ve not been shooting as much as I’d like, my love of street photography is still strong.

I shot these on my X-T1 and whilst I enjoyed the 35, 14 and 56 lens, I do still prefer my x100T and its simplicity.

Here’s some more: https://flickr.com/photos/37571138@N07/sets/72157665451313184








26726483376_e9b6fc3502_o Continue reading

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Prayers for Orlando


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A little LOVE for today. We’ll always stand tall and proud. — The Gay Men Project

photo by Kevin Truong

via A little LOVE for today. We’ll always stand tall and proud. — The Gay Men Project

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Satomi Fujii

Satomi Fujii is a Japanese professional doll customizer and seamstress. She has taken interest in the Fashion Blythe Doll specifically since 2001. Her body of work includes over 3300 customized dolls and the ‘Doll Sewing Book Hanon’. I am particularly impressed with Satomi’s sewing and crafting skills. Her clothes and footwear collection is very detailed and well made featuring some hand sewn and dying techniques.

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Amy Santoferraro’s ‘BB Baskets’

I have written about American artist Amy Santoferraro a few times over the last few years… and here we are again! This is Amy’s found object series, titled “BB Baskets”. I love the objects themselves – juicy little jewels in forgotten ceramic baskets – but when I read how these beauties came to be, well I just had to share:

“My home is across a valley from Fort Riley, Kansas. The Kansas landscape mimics that of Afghanistan and Iraq in color and flatness, making it an ideal training ground for soldiers at the Army base before they head off to war. Everyday I hear and feel the rounds of firing and bombing practice while watching the neighborhood kids shoot each other with BB guns in the convenient overgrown bush hides of my yard. It is quite possibly the most surreal thing I have ever repeatedly experienced.

I started collecting the BBs the kids left in the yard without any clear direction other than picking up and collecting the beautiful balls of color. The collection grew as the days passed, and I gradually began seeing them as material. I love that they can be so many things and don’t readily volunteer their origin story. It’s not essential to appreciate the resulting object and in no way is a statement about war or only a personal narrative.

Sometimes the balls are just balls. But they are also bubbles, fruit, wishes, vomit, bubbling crud, excuses. . . pretty much anything that can build up to be overwhelming, disgusting and/or beautiful. The found baskets in this series fulfill my need to collect evidence of ceramics doing what it does best: masquerading as other objects and materials. One thing mimicking another due to nostalgia or sentiment rather than function or design, or skeuomorphism, is a huge part of my work and practice. I like to think of it as “materials behaving badly.” The materials or objects at home depot, the thrift store, or in my studio are kinda like Girls Gone Wild: they reveal too much, are too fake and are too cheap.”

So. Good.

via amy santoferraro — The Jealous Curator

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Stephen McMennamy’s ComboPhotos

Stephen McMennamy is an Atlanta based artist/director/photographer. In 2012, being introduced to Instagram, Stephen came up with the idea for a project which he refers to as combophotos.

Combophotos is a series of photography art that combines objects and elements meticulously to create a unique viewer’s perception. The results are clever, hilarious, and  awe inspiring.

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