SHOWstudio of Nick Knight

Take a look at this photo!

photo: Nick Knight’s ‘Sans titre’

It reminds me of Woodkid‘s video. The photograph is by Nick Knight who is an established and award-winning fashion photographer.

photo: Nick Knight Self Portrait

Check out some of his awesome photographs.

photo: Lady Gaga by Nick Knight

photo: ‘Wonderland’ by Nick Knight

photo: ‘Unbelievable Fashion’ by Nick Knight

In year 2000, Nick Knight founded Its goal is to define the manner in which Fashion is presented via the internet. SHOWstudio focuses mostly in moving images and films which are being shared, tweeted and blogged as a mean of distribution.

This beautifully haunting clip paying tribute to McQueen, music by Bjork, is a startling example of their effort.

Or this ‘Dynamic Bloom’ collaboration between Knight and Tell No One is a poetry of Fashion, Photography and Film.

I’m gonna leave this post with Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video which was directed by Nick Knight.

So, if you ask..  NO, I wasn’t born THIS way nor THAT way.. I was born the OTHER way.. HEH!

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