Shoes with a Message

Kudos to Civic Duty for an inspiring new way of looking at material and awesome looking shoes.

Tyvek, which is owned by DuPont, essentially is plastic and it can be recycled through their special program.

And thank you Marcy, for informing us about this product!

view from the castel

Civic Duty sends all the right messages, but it was the actually design of the shoe that caught my attention first! For weeks I lusted after my coworkers comfy, simple, leather slip ons. Only to find out they weren’t made of leather, but of recycled Tyvek material. Many of us know Tyvek to be the soft, breathable, water-resistant material of FedEx envelopes. So not only are they cute, and environmentally healthy, but the conclusion is they are super comfortable too!
The founder Steven Weinreb provides plenty of colors and styles for you to pick from all around $60 for a pair. He even goes a step further by creating a shoe for a cause with 100% of the profits going to help others. And to think, Civic Duty was founded and inspired in 2009 because the loss of Steven’s Job. Way to go Steven! 

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