Without time, will there be pain?

Leonard ShelbyHow am I supposed to heal if I cant… feel time?

The character is a man who has anterograde amnesia, the film is Memento by Christopher Nolan. I happened to watch the movie last week and boy did it stick. Check out the trailer.

Guy Pearce plays Leonard who is kinda stuck in a strange state of mind because of his condition whereas he cannot make new memories. Everything seems to run backward, as compared to the logical norm.

photo: Memento (2000)

It is one of those films that the subject is greatly interesting and the executions is perfectly suitable for it. The movie chronological order seems to move in two separate directions: forward and backward. The end result is to get the very twist of the plot, which happens somewhere in the middle of the story, exposed toward the end of the movie. This way it really emphasizes the twist versus the result as compared to the traditional chronological order of movie making.

It is a great movie in term of capturing your attention. It really wants your concentration in every single scene to figure out the scattering clues as well as plays trick with your mind: makes believe that you are in Leonard’s head.

Guy Pearce was awesomely great and the rest of the cast was equally amazing. Love both Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano (who I happened to saw at a west village tea shop couple months ago.. hehe!). I also want to mention the performance of Harriet Sansom Harris, she really made the scene between her and Leonard.

photo: Memento (2000)

photo: Memento (2000)

photo: Memento (2000)

Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan wrote the script based on Jonathan’s short story ‘Memento mori‘. Here’s an excerpt.

This is the tragedy of life. Because for a few minutes of every day, every man becomes a genius. Moments of clarity, insight, whatever you want to call them. The clouds part, the planets get in a neat little line, and everything becomes obvious. I should quit smoking, maybe, or here’s how I could make a fast million, or such and such is the key to eternal happiness. That’s the miserable truth. For a few moments, the secrets of the universe are opened to us. Life is a cheap parlor trick.

Now, go watch the dang movie, stream it on Netflix!!

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3 Responses to Without time, will there be pain?

  1. Sam says:

    Memento is one of my favorite films. Guy Pearce and Carrie- Anne Moss were so amazing in this. This movie really solidified C-AM as a true talent beyond The Matrix films. A Must see!

    • kidindabox says:

      For sure! Did you get her clue when she was at the diner and she said “we are survivors”? I mean it was subtle but very powerful and I could sense the shady shade sh*t.. heh!

      • Sam says:

        I did catch that. I liked that neither her nor Leonard were villains per se. They were both put in effed up positions and simply did what they felt they had to do to survive. It was apparent that Natalie fluctuated between loathing Leonard and pitying him. She did state that they could be “best friends” even lovers during her tirade. Did they in fact become lovers during that night they spent together? That is the one part I wasn’t clear on…

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