Higgs Boson FTW!!

You must have heard about Higgs Boson lately. It has been a major discussion topic since last year.

In the world of physicists, a discovery or a ‘confirmation of existence’ of the Higgs boson would change the reality of human’s understanding of our own universe. For a while, we have been puzzling with the conundrum of energy and mass. I’m not sure if proof of Higgs boson will untwine this paradox, however, it may help us to be one step closer to understand the source that create energy. And thus, could essentially help our energy sustainability crisis.

Set that aside, I have come across this awesome explanation from PHD comics by Jorge Cham.

Sweet clip and quite exciting, isn’t it? Kudos to PHD comics.

Now, carry on!

photo: PANIC
graphic by Anh Ngo

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