Week ends with Prometheus & Kimmel

Just saw ‘Prometheus‘ yesterday. I thought it was very interesting. I’m not gonna write much about the movie since you can find tons of  materials from the net. But I’d like to share this cool clip that kinda sums up the whole movie.

Here are a list of things I like about Prometheus (in no particular order):

Noomi Rapace

– The Engineers

– Weyland Technologies

Michael Fassbender

– The Engineers’ Technologies and Spacecrafts

– The Automated Surgical Table (and the scene that involves it)

Idris Elba

– The Proto-Xenomorph

– The overall Philosophy and Mythology

Now, go watch the movie yourself!!

Next, I just saw this Jimmy Kimmel‘s prank and have to post it cuz itz too funny!

That poor child, he needs a hug!

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