Sustainable Fashion

My friend Marcy just wrote on her blog today about Bio-Couture and Sustainable Fashion.

This is very inspiring and has the “at-the-moment” element to it. The truth is that we do live in a troubling world with environmental issues. We, human, are running out of our energy resources and cumulating tons of waste living in what we call a consumers’ market economy.

Fashion, itself, is a major contributor to this crisis. Go to a store and look at how much merchandise we have. Do you think all of these merchandise will reach an end use?

Sustainable Fashion is offering a different way to look at this global issue and propose methods that can marry fashion, art, science, and eco-consciousness to create a solution.

With Bio-Couture, Suzanne Lee explains her process:

And her design..

photo: Suzanne Lee’s Bio-Couture Bomber Jacket

photo: Suzanne Lee’s Bio-Couture Biker Jacket

Obviously, these new methods and processes are still very new and need time to be perfected. Sustainable Fashion is still in its infantry and making an effort to transform into its toddler years, but no baby step should be ignored.

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