Girl in Needles

I went to Barneys today for a little clothes shopping/market research. Before I know it, I found myself in the fragrance area sniffing and smelling everything on site. With a little help from the sales associate, I fell in love with ‘Fille en Aiguilles‘ by Serge Lutens.

photo: Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

The name literally translates to ‘Girl in Needles’. It’s a play on words because the top note is predominantly pine essence. For me, it’s beautiful play between freshness, sweet, and spicy. Here is the breakdown:

TOP NOTES: Pine, moss
MIDDLE NOTES: Frankincense, bay leaf
BASE NOTES: Dried fruit accords, vetiver


There’s also a little wisp of gunpowder incense. This one is definitely unisex, and on my skin it was mysteriously interesting.

So after such a treat for my humble nasal, I went home and did some research on Serge Lutens. Not the perfumery collection, but the man behind it.

Lutens is a French photographer, filmaker, hair stylist, perfume art director and fashion designer. I really love his photography’s esthetic.

photo: Serge Lutens

photo: Serge Lutens

Check out the commercial under his direction in the 80s.

Soooo beyond!

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