A Chinese Princess

I was busy this past weekend assisting the wardrobe crew for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tour. And yes, it was awesome and fun, but exhausting.

It’s good to be back to New York and home!  ^_^

Anyway, I just saw Coldplay and Rihanna’s song ‘Princess of China’.

First of all, I love Coldplay. My friend and I came up with what we call the ‘Chris Martin’ effect. It’s kinda like when someone is more like a 7, but with a beautiful voice, it bumps up to a 9. HA!!

Also, it helps that I like the song. It’s not super special but it delivers. Oh, and I love RiRi’s “gangsta goth geisha” look.

Best part was the multiple arms choreography!!

photo: RiRi’s multiple arms

Speaking of Chinese princesses. There was an interesting Chinese historical princess who was married of to a Tibetan King as a political treaty.

This is not unusual in history, but I thought her life story is somewhat interesting. Her name was Wencheng, she lived around Seventh Century. She was a Buddhist and thus partly responsible to have introduced Buddhism to Tibet. Now that would be quite a role in Tibetan history.

There are two separate views regarding her role from the Chinese’s camp and the Tibetan’s camp, don’t know why they’re still fighting, meh.. Regardless, her marriage created a cultural connection between the two kingdoms, take that Condi Rice!

Next, have you seen Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova? She’s a doll artist who makes amazingly beautiful porcelain dolls with drop dead gorg costume and jewelries.

photo: Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova – ‘Echo’

photo: Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova – ‘Cixi’

Beautiful, eh?

The name ‘Enchanted Doll’ was taken from Paul Gallico’s short story in which a young woman creates dolls with so much love that they enchant people at first sight with their compelling, delicate, life-like beauty..

Cool and spooky!

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