Community Gardens

Yesterday I attended a friend’s birthday celebration and we were welcome to a NYC Community Garden for a little BBQ picnic.

photo: NYC Community Garden
Anh Ngo

It was such a nice little treat because amidst New York summer’s heat, the garden is like an oasis. There are plenty of shades and beautiful flowers, thanks to the upkeep of its owner, community and volunteers.

There are many many gardens like this across the city. I sometimes just hide myself in one of these gardens, reading a book and enjoy my private time alone.

photo: NYC Community Garden
Anh Ngo

You can find out more information about these gardens below.

New York Community Gardening Resources

Green Thumb NYC Organization

If you happen to have some green thumbs, I encourage you to volunteer for one of the gardens. Oh, and each garden may have its own rules and regulations so just be aware and respectful of them. Remember, it’s always a group effort to upkeep these gems so that we can enjoy and appreciate them.

Speaking of group effort, you may have seen the Philippines “Dancing Inmates” from Cebu Provincial Detention dancing to MJ. What a great way to motivate the inmates!!!


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