Rooftop season’s kickoff

It’s the Memorial Day’s weekend and summer is officially here. That means this is the time when New Yorkers rush to the beaches, lake houses, BBQ picnics, and rooftops.

photo: Memorial 12 Rooftop
Anh Ngo

Yesterday, I went to a friend-of-a-friend’s rooftop concert in Bushwick aka Hipster’s Mecca. He has been throwing these events for years so there were a lot of planning, but it’s awesome. There were a good number of bands, foods, and plenty of alcohol involved.

There is no charge, and you can buy foods and drinks for cheap. Mostly just people who want to have a good time, enjoy the beautiful weather and music. Here are some snaps of the fun.

The friend-of-a-friend, Stephen, has announced that this will be his last year throwing the party. I’m SAD!!

Btw, Stephen also plays in a band and I like their music here:

Speaking of rooftop, I was at the Met rooftop garden recently and there is this awesome structural sculpture on its roof.

It is by Tomás Saraceno called ‘Cloud City’. Check out more info here.

Cool, eh?

Anyhow, I gotta run to a birthday picnic now… weh..


PS: I’d like to take a moment on this Memorial Day to commemorate any individual who have ever fought for freedom..

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