Janacek & Mattila

So this past week I went to the Met Opera’s production of Janacek’s ‘The Makropulos Case’ featuring the one and only Karita Mattila.

I love Janacek’s music and Mattila is one of my favorite Sopranos, so I was in for a treat. She was beyond fab!

Here is a snippet from the San Francisco’s production with Mattila.

Now, the story is the interesting part. It’s based on a play named ‘The Makropulos Affair’ which revolves around a beautiful opera singer named Emilia Marty.

The year was 1922, a law office was looking at a case that has been going on for almost a century. There were clues along with a series of events which span over 300 years period. There were documents with the ‘E.M’ initial. All and all lead back to Emilia.

Emilia Marty was Elina Makropulos, daughter of an alchemist who lived back in 16th century. He forced her to consume an elixir which prevent her from aging.

Pause for a sec.

That actually sounds like a great deal for me. I mean at this date and age, if I was a girl and my father used me as a guinea pig to test some sort of anti-oxidant chemical treatment, go right ahead!! Yes, I’m that vain!!!

Now back to the story. It’s supposed to be a tragedy, like most of the operas. So Emilia started to sing about how forever youth couldn’t provide happiness,  and longevity without love is like a waste, etc.. I can totally see her point, whatever!

I don’t want to ruin the ending for you, but I can tell you how the production end. There was a fire on stage, literally, but not un-intendedly. Though, wouldn’t it be totally awesome if it was un-intended? HAHA!

The week after the performance, NY Magazine featured the ‘combustion’ on their Approval Matrix .

Photo: New York Magazine | Approval Matrix

Anyway, I thought it was a fab opera. Can never go wrong with Mattila.

I heart her so much!!

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